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The Meta Muse Tarot

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Created by multi-media artist Kerry Krogstad, The Meta Muse Tarot is an exclusive & top-rated 80-card deck and guidebook designed to align you with your inner muse by awakening your intuition and creativity.

Transform stagnancy into movement, lack into abundance, and pain into beauty by tuning in to your own wisdom.

About the deck:

The Meta Muse Deck References traditional Rider-Waite Smith scenery in a retro-collage style that's steeped in meaning and symbolism.

The distinct energy imprints of the artwork in each card make it an ideal deck for the novice or experienced reader to interpret intuitively.

The Meta Muse gifts you with a handy in-depth guide to help you with knowing and accepting yourself, your limitations, biases, strengths, and weaknesses.


Making this deck especially unique is the additional Tree of Life card - an ancient Qabalistic diagram that illustrates the nature of existence and can be explored through the Tarot.

Each card lists its elemental & astrological symbols as well as the corresponding Hebrew letter on the Tree of Life, with detailed descriptions in the guidebook.

Please note: In this deck, card IV of the Major Arcana is listed as Emporer. 

The Meta Muse Tarot will spark your imagination, help provide clarity and assist diving deep into your own transformation.


Get your deck today before they run out of stock and you will get:

  • Full Color Print Deck + Guidebook 2.75"X4.75" (70×120mm) 
  • Smooth, Matte Texture Cards with Gold Gilt Edges
  • Comes in a Collectible Hard Cover 2-piece Box

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